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Amy has asked us two questions:

What is one thing you wish you knew about blogging when you started or what advice would you give a newbie blogger?
I wish I knew how much work it is to sustain readership! You can’t expect people to find your blog on their own or to want to come back and read it again if you post intermittently. Even posting everyday isn’t always enough. I suppose it depends on how popular you are hoping your blog will be. See the next question for how to boost readership.

What is your best blogging tip?
Surf, Surf, Surf! Signing up for webrings and blog directories is okay but it really doesn’t generate much in the way of readers. The best way to get readers is to visit other book blogs and book websites and comment. Don’t just say, “hey visit my book blog!” but actually comment on their post. Post book bloggers visit the sites of their commentors. Make sure you have your book blog showing in your profile and that your profile isn’t private or they won’t know where to go! If you find someone has reviewed a book you have too, give them a link to your review. Some sites add links to others reviews to the end of their review, but even if they don’t, most like to read what others think. Participate in memes and other events too. Not only participate but visit other blogs who participated and comment!

Hope that helps!

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