The Curse of Akkad by Peter Christie

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Stars: ***1/2

I received this book for review from Annick Press. I am also using it for the Canadian Book Challenge and Science Book Challenge.

“With the world’s eyes focused on climate change, The Curse of Akkad turns the tables by looking at how climate has changed the world.” – Press Release

This book covers the Ice Ages, Volcanoes, Droughts, El Ninos and Medieval Warm Period and how they had an effect on civilizations (including crumbling the world’s first empire, Akkad,) wars (including how Hitler and his army were unable to conquer Russia because of the extreme cold) and how it may affect us in the years to come. What is really interesting (and scary) is how the climate in one area can so severely affect other areas that are nowhere near it.

This book is aimed at 10-12 year olds but I would say more like 12-16. It would be okay for 10 year olds if they are at a high reading level and wouldn’t be too scared or upset by the thought of cannibalism, death and famine.

The reason I rated the book the way I did is because although the subject matter was very interesting and the information well researched, I think it could have been laid out differently. I had a hard time keeping focused while reading this book, especially the first 2 or 3 chapters.

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