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Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown
Stars: ****
Pictures by Felicia Bond

This book was read for the Celebrate the Author Challenge.

Having already read Goodnight Moon and A Child’s Good Morning, I decided to try some books I had not heard of before by this author. I found this one at the library. It’s all about the animals that live in the big red barn. You won’t find mention of any people in this book. All the barn animals are covered, from the “great big horse” to the field mouse. My daughter loves seeing all the animals in one books, and it’s nice to see not just adult farm animals but piglets, kittens, puppies and baby field mice. Also some animals not normally covered in farm books are here like donkeys, pigeons, and black bats. Even though it doesn’t always rhyme, there is something rhythmic about the words and the effect is that it calms you down when you are reading it. This would be a good book to read to your child to settle them for bedtime.

Give Yourself to the Rain: poems for the very young by Margaret Wise Brown Illustrated by Teri L. Weidner

Stars: ***

This book was read for the Celebrate the Author Challenge.
This book was actually published after her death by compiling a bunch of her unpublished poems for children into one book. They are mostly about animals and nature. Cute poems and the illustrations are beautiful. I’m not a big fan of poem books for young children only because my children never really took to them.
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