Socks by Beverly Cleary

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Stars: ****

This book was read for the Celebrate the Author challenge.

I remember reading one of two books by Beverly Cleary as a child but I didn’t read them as much as other kids. I had never read this one.

It is a really cute story of Socks the cat from a few weeks after he’s born when he’s being sold on throughout the first few years of his life. The story is told by Socks himself, so we get a picture of what cats may think, or at least would think if their brains worked like ours.

Socks is happy with his life until his new family brings home a wriggling bundle wrapped in blankets and soon his life is turned upside down. Socks isn’t the favourite anymore, what’s he to do?

I really enjoyed hearing the story from Socks point of view, very creative. Everything he said seemed believable. It was what I would expect my cat to say. I can see why this is a favourite of children.

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