Everyday Cat Excuses: Why I Can’t Do What You Want by Molly Brandenburg

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Stars: ***
I received this book for review.

Summary: “Cats are full of excuses, so any human who happens to be owned by one should use this delightful comic collection to prepare for its sly explanations and justifications. A charmingly line-drawn, highly humorous, and personality-filled kitty presents all the reasons why “I can’t.” I’m shedding, I’m salivating, I’m kneading (but not needing) you, my ears are rotating. Or she can’t be bothered listening because she’s having an intense catnip experience. Cat lovers will recognize every funny scenario, and their pets will want to sneak a peak to discover new ideas!”

Although I’m not a big cartoon person, I have always lived with at least one cat and have always found the way they stare right through you when you ask something of them extremely hilarious so I had to review this book.

The idea is cute and the cartoons are pretty good. Personally I think it would have been better with photos of cats but then it wouldn’t be a comic would it? The drawings are very simple so if you prefer complex cartoons, this isn’t for you.

My only real qualm is that as stated above, cat lovers should recognize every funny scenario and I’m not sure what is meant by the one that says, “I’m busy staring out the window making a strange gobbling sound.” Gobbling sound? My cats have never made that sound. Other than that, I recognized the rest of them. I especially liked and found myself laughing at the ear rotating and intense catnip experience. The ear rotating cartoons capture this strange cat behaviour perfectly and the cartoons for the catnip one make them all look stoned which is hilarious.

This would make a good coffee table cartoon book for a cat lover. If I was more into cartoons, it may have received a higher rating. Also since this is the first cartoons I’ve reviewed and perhaps the third I’ve ever read, I didn’t want to give it too high a rating since I don’t have anything to compare it with.

The webpage for the book is here and you can find reviews of it from other people as well as the history of the cats the author owns.
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