Sacred Fire by Nancy Wood

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Stars: ****

I picked this book up while browsing for poem books in the Children’s Non-fiction section of the library.

“Using the Old Man* as her guide, Nancy Wood chronicles the history, religion, legends, and philosophy of the Pueblo Indians of the Southwest in poetry and prose of haunting richness. Frank Howell’s magnificient paintings evoke the pride and nobility of an embattled people whose hard-earned wisdom can enrich all our lives.”

*The Old Man is the keeper of the Sacred Fire, one of the Four Great Ancestors necessary for life. This is explained a little more on the inside cover of the book.

I don’t normally read poem books, usually because I have a hard time understanding what they are about. Even some children’s poems are hard for me to grasp. There is just something about the writing that confuses me. Nancy Wood’s poems are very easy to understand and are beautifully written. It provides a great introduction to this Native Peoples culture. The prose is enjoyable too, like very short stories. I didn’t enjoy Frank Howells paintings as much, not because they aren’t good, just because they aren’t really my type of art.

The two have collaborated on three other volumes, Spirit Walker, Dancing Moons and Shaman’s Circle.

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