A Novel Challenge Mini-Challenge 2008 #6

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#6 – Read two articles from any one magazine, tell about them.

This is the March 2008 edition of Parents magazine. Even though it is published in the US and I’m Canadian, I really enjoy reading this magazine. It always has lots of good articles.

One of the ones I wanted to mention is Raise a Reader by Kim Ratcliff with Photographs by Ngoc Minh Ngo

It is an article about raising a good reader with great ideas. It’s the best article I’ve seen on this topic yet. The ideas are separated by age groups (infants, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners) including what kinds of books they are into, what they need out of reading at that age and how to make it fun.

For example, under Toddlers:

“At this age, kids love simple picture books about a particular topic – flowers, trucks, whatever. Books with movable parts are also irrestistable, since lifting flaps and turning wheels make storytime extra fun.”

Under Preschoolers:

“Accept his literary taste. Don’t be bummed if all he’ll read is Bob the Builder books. What matters most is that kids are reading, and books based on their favourite TV shows are fine.”

Even the photographs make me want to read!

You can read this article online here.

The second one is called How to Shake the Salt Habit by Colleen Pierre, M.D.

It drew my attention to the fact that my kids are eating a lot of salt. Even though I don’t allow them to add it to their food, we eat a lot of processed foods (Kraft Dinner, lunch meats, cheese slices) that contain a lot of salt. The article has lots of good information and ideas on how to cut down on the amount of salt your children (and you!) are eating.

You can read this article online here.

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