10 Signs a Book is by Me

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Here’s a book meme I found at Ex Libris a while back and just finally completed. It originated at Book Haven.

If I wrote a novel, what would be 10 signs that it was written by me?

1. It would be good for teens and adults
2. It would probably nonfiction but if not…
3. It wouldn’t be over 350 pages and would probably be less than 300.
4. It wouldn’t have too many main characters.
5. It would be an entirely new plot/story.
6. There would be some bigger words that might need to be looked up but not so many that you are too busy looking up words to enjoy the novel.
7. It would have animals in it.
8. The chapters would be short.
9. It would be told in the first person.
10. The main character would be female.

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