Sweet! The Delicious Story of Candy by Ann Love & Jane Drake

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Stars: ****

I’m giving this book the Tundra Books tag because it’s from that publisher but I didn’t receive this for review, I just found it at the library.

With adorable illustrations by Claudia Davila this book tells the history of how candy came to be. From ancient marshmallows (circa 2000 B.C.) to Jelly Belly’s rule (2006 A.D.) you can find it all in here. Along the bottom of all 63 pages is a timeline extending between the dates mentioned above. It not only has the dates certain candies and chocolates were invented but other interesting tidbits such as when marsh mallow root sap was thought to cure the common cold the candy practices of ancient civilizations. There is even mention of when sugar was connected to diabetes and when inventions such as the ice box and electric dental drill were created.

Each double page spread is about a different topic. It’s not boring facts though and it’s not always written the same way. Sometimes it’s like an speech and sometimes it’s more like a story or play. How some candies are made is covered as well as the history of how they came to be. There is lots of humour and some speculation (since some candy makers don’t want to reveal their secrets.) I’d say the book is written for ages 10 and up and was an enjoyable read.

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