It’s All In The Cards: Tarot Reading Made Easy by John Mangiapane

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I really liked this Tarot book. Instead of presenting the card definitions by suit, it presented them by number/name so you could compare all the aces or all the kings and then see the specific differences between the four suits. I found this to make a lot more sense personally.

For each Major Arcana and Minor Arcana (except court cards), a picture from the Rider-Waite deck is shown plus a quick sentence that sums up the meaning of the card: “This is a card about getting or making fresh starts.” – pg 28, The Fool. Then there is a paragraph examining what you see on the card and their meanings. This paragraph also contains more on the meaning. A quick reversed meaning is given and then a more specific meaning for Work, Love, Money or Future. Also as each number is introduced, all four cards of that number are shown together along with a quick sentence describing the general meaning of that number. “The sixes indicate adjustments in thoughts, attitudes, or conditions. They can also represent the ability to transcend difficulties. Sixes stand for balance and equilibrium.” – pg 106

Or the Minor Arcana Court Cards, you’ll find the picture and quick sentence as well as the description however along with definitions, you will also find personality traits of that card. The author believes that the court cards indicate a specific person in the querent’s (the person you are reading for) life. Then there is the reversed personality and reversed meaning and the meaning for Work, Love, Money and Future.

My only qualm with the book is that the definitions are very narrow. Tarot cards don’t just have one meaning, it all depends on where in the spread it is and the surrounding cards. So I found it hard when looking up the meaning of a card during a practice reading only to find it didn’t make sense. It was a reading about my relationship and conflict resolution and all the meanings seemed to assume I was single for the particular card. I found the book good for starting to learn some meanings but I wouldn’t want to use it as my reference as I do a reading.
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