Cheetah Cubs and Beetle Grubs: The Wacky Ways We Name Young Animals by Diane Swanson

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Stars: ****
I received this book for review from Annick Press.

This is a non-fiction book about animal babies for ages 7-10. It would be interesting for ages 5 and 6 if you read it to them. Each double page spread is a different animal baby. There is a colour photograph of the animal baby, the name it is called, a sentence or two about the animal baby and some fun facts. There are also illustrations by Mariko Ando Spencer in each section.

There are three things which I think could be better:

1. The illustration for Mountain Goat Kids shows Centaurs which I think would be confusing to most kids. Baby goats are called Kids but they aren’t goats with kid’s upper bodies which is what the book seems to be saying.
2. The book says baby Ducks are called Flappers. I personally have never heard of that. I always thought they were called Ducklings. I guess Flappers are another name for them but I feel there should have been mention that they are also known as Ducklings.
3. Lastly, I felt the book should have been bigger, with more animal babies. It was too short.
Other than that, the book is great and I’d like to check out one of Diane Swanson’s other books, A Crash of Rhinos, A Party of Jays: The Wacky Ways We Name Animal Groups.
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