Anastasia At Your Service by Lois Lowry

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Stars: ***
Summary: Anastasia Krupnik is having a long, boring summer and she needs to find a way to make some money. She puts an ad out for a job as a Lady’s Companion but when she gets hired, it’s not what she had in mind. She’s just quit but she accidentally dropped an expensive silver spoon down the garbage disposal and must use her earnings to pay for it. She has to work at least a few more times to pay for it. Is her summer destined to be a disaster?

This is Book (3) in a series about Anastasia but can be read alone. I read it because I loved The Giver by Lois Lowry and wanted to read her other work. The book is pretty good but nothing compared to The Giver, but then this is her earlier work.
One thing that I thought was funny at first but eventually got a little ridiculous was when Anastasia finds out the spoon is expensive, her employer says, “So that debacle will cost you twelve more hours of work.” – pg. 31.

Anastasia thinks she means the spoon is called a bockle. The first few times she refers to it, it’s funny as I said. But after a while you think she’d find out what was really meant and get corrected.

Overall it was a good book and has a good lesson at the end.

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