Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Caroll

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Stars: ***1/2
These books were read for the Decades 08 Challenge and as part of the A Novel Challenge Mini-Challenge 2008.

Alice in Wonderland was first published in 1865 and Through the Looking Glass was first published in 1871. However I read a 2006 edition by Parragon Publishing in the UK. It’s a part of the Children’s Classic Collection. (not the cover pictured)

This was the first time I’d ever read these books, which I thought were one book, but I did know the storyline from the movie. Although I liked the movie, I wasn’t as fond of the book. Since the majority of what happens in the story is nonsense, it can be hard to follow so the movie made it a little easier. I’m not real fond of either though. They are well written and very creative, but just a little too strange for me.

You can definitely tell the stories are written in the late 19th century from the odd way of talking and strange words. Some of this is because they are in Wonderland, a nonsensical world, but some of it is because of the era the author lived in too.

This particular version of the books is wonderfully laid out with full-page, color illustrations by June Goulding. There are also small illustrations at the start of each chapter and a few medium illustrations throughout the story. It also has some extra poems and some letters by the author to the kid’s reading his stories.

If I could choose to read this publisher’s classic series every time I read a children’s classic, I would. It’s a very pleasing format.

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