You Make My Day Award!

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My very first award ever! Sarah at PussReboots awarded me the You Make My Day Award. This is the first award any of my blogs have won. I’m honored thanks!

Winners of this award are to award it to at least 10 more people. So without furthur ado, Bloggers who I believe deserve this award!

A Gaggle of Book Reviews – the first book review blog I ever read, the one that got me thinking of becoming more active with my blog.

A Striped Armchair – one of my favourite book blogs, great reviews!

DeweyMonster – what I’d like this blog to be like someday. I look up to Dewey.

Estella’s Revenge – a great ezine I check every month!

Musings of a Bookish Kitty – another favourite of mine, great reviews and design!

Thoughts of Joy – Another blog that I strive to be like. Beautiful design.

The Written Word – another fav. I love checking her blog.

Sassymonkey Reads – one of the first few book blogs I visited.

Caribou’s Mom – created of the A Novel Challenge blog!

An Adventure in Reading – another fav blog!

BreeniBooks – I wish I had stumbled upon her blog sooner than I did!


PussReboots – I’d give her an award even if she hadn’t awarded me first. She’s one of my top 3 fav book blogs!

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