Strays Like Us by Richard Peck

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Stars ***

This book was read for the Reading the Author challenge and the Fall Into Reading 2007 Challenge.

Strays Like Us is the story of Molly who is temporarily living with her great-aunt until her mother gets out of the hospital. She’s moved all over; all her life. Molly meets Will who’s staying next door with his grandparents. The town seems to be fully of strays.

It was a cute book with an interesting storyline but there was one part in it that played to a stereotype that doesn’t need any fueling. If it weren’t for that this book would have gotten 4 stars.

At first glance it seems like there are lots of spelling and grammar errors but you soon realize it was meant that way, to show how everyone talks incorrectly. In some cases it was the way people talked a few decades ago. After a while it became annoying though. Overall it had some good lessons.

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