Reading My Name Challenge

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This is a new challenge from me. From February to May 2008, read at least two books by authors who share the same name as you. More info here.

My list:
Don’t Call them Ghosts: the spirit children of Fontaine Manse: a true story by Kathleen McConnell
The Sky is Falling by Kit Pearson (Also 888 and Young Adult)
Looking at the Moon by Kit Pearson (Also 888 and Young Adult)
Awake and Dreaming by Kit Pearson
The Daring Game by Kit Pearson (Also for Young Adult) review here.
The Boy on Fairfield Street: How Ted Geisel Became Dr. Suess by Kathleen Krull review here.

I’m reading lots of Katherine’s and Kathy’s already too but I only need to read two so this list is enough.

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