A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

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Stars: ****

I re-read this for the Christmas Theme Challenge only because I wasn’t able to get to the library to get a new-to-me book. It was also for the Read It Again challenge.

I read this book every year in the week of Christmas (although it only takes me a day to read it.)

I’ve always loved the movie and one year decided I would try reading it. They aren’t much different but the book is great. I’m not a big classic reader, usually because I have trouble understanding the language but since I saw the movie many times first, I knew what the general storyline was and so I understood it better. The lesson Ebenezer Scrooge learns is one that a few people I know could learn.

This is the only Charles Dickens I’ve read and although I’m not ruling out trying some of his other works, it’s not on my priority list, only because there is so much else out there to read and as I said, I’m not that big on classics.

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