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The Chanukkah Tree by Eric A. Kimmel
Illustrated by Giora Carmi

Stars: *****

Adorable story of a guy selling christmas trees who has only one left and convinces the not so bright town Chelm that it’s a Hanukkah tree and it’s all the rage in America. So starts a tradition. 5 and up.

The Chanukkah Guest by Eric A. Kimmel
Illustrated by Giora Carmi

Stars: ***

Old lady who can’t see well is cooking meal for rabbi and other guests. A hungry bear comes by and the woman thinks it’s the rabbi. When the real rabbi comes by, all the food is gone! Happy Chanukkah, Bear.

Hanukkah Lights, Hanukkah Nights by Leslie Kimmelman
Illustrated by John Himmelman

Stars: ***

Short board book about what’s done on each night of hanukkah. E.g The Nieces spin their four-sided dreidels. Tonight is the fourth night of Hanukkah. The flames on the cover are sparkly.

Hanukkah! Roni Schotter
Illustrated by Marylin Hafner

Stars: *****

Cute story of a family celebrating hanukkah, saying prayers, singing songs, lighting menorah, cooking latkes, spinning dreidels. Also baby Moe learns how to say hanukkah.

I Have a Little Dreidel by Maxie Baum
Illustrated by Julie Paschkis

Stars: ****

The well-known song told in story form with many more verses. Very cute.

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