Circle Round by Starhawk, Diane Baker and Anne Hill

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Stars: ****1/2

This is a great pagan parenting book with great sabbat sections. The book has original stories by the authors.

The first part is about goddess tradition, the circle of life, magic, the elements, creation and traditions and how they all relate to children. This is also the section that explains ways to do ritual with your children. The second section has info and activities to do with the kids on the moon and the deities. This is also where the sabbat section is. For each sabbat you’ll find a blurb about the Goddess, the God, The Altar, On the Land (what the world looks like in that season), a few stories, some rituals, some activities, crafts and recipes. Part three is on the life cycle and has rituals for birthing, newborn blessing rituals, umbilicial cord magic, a section on adoption and on miscarriage. Rituals for babies and toddlers including toilet training, birthdays and tooth fairy. Coming of age, first blood, becoming a man, new home ritual, divorce, handfasting, bring a child into your family, deceased pet ritual and how to talk to kid’s about dying. Part four is on the circle of elements and has activities, games and crafts to do to the elements.

Will definitely be refering back to this one.

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