Mosaic by Amy Grant

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Stars: ****

I recieved this book from the publishers to review. I was supposed to receive it and 3 giveaway copies weeks ago but they must have got lost in the mail or held up at customs or something. I read the last bit of this during the Readathon.

However a replacement copy came in the mail on Wednesday so I was able to read it! Here is where I posted the summary and author bio.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I said yes to this book. I don’t actually listen to Amy Grant’s music and I’m not Christian but I was intrigued and I just can’t say no to books!

It was a very intersesting read. It wasn’t really an autobiography, more of a real-life memoir. I liked that it wasn’t set out chronologically. You might think that this would make it hard to follow but it wasn’t. Also mixed throughout the short story snippets were song lyrics and poems. I’m not a big poetry fan but I enjoyed her poetry and most of her song lyrics (which without knowing the music, is like poetry.)

I could really identify with the stories entitled Hats and Winter. Hats was about having so many different tasks that you are responsible for and Winter was about depression. Amy Grant has a great writing style and think she would do good writing other books too. Perhaps even kid’s books.

As a Christian Artist, parts of the book and her lyrics were about Jesus and God but this didn’t bother me. I only skipped parts of one story because I wasn’t interested. Most of what she wrote about God fits in with other religions that believe in a God.

It was a really good read and I recommend it to anyone who can get their hands on it, even if you aren’t an Amy Grant fan, even if you aren’t Christian.

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