The Canadian Book Challenge

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Woohoo! For a Canadian, I don’t read enough Canadian authors or Canadian books. So this is a good challenge for me. The challenge is to read 13 (for the 13 provinces/territories) books by Canada Day (July 1).

1. Yellowknife by Steve Zipp
2. The Library Book: The Story of Libraries from Camels to Computers by Maureen Sawa – Also for Bibliography Challenge
3. Super Crocs and Monster Wings by Claire Eamer
4. The Curse of Akkad by Peter Christie
5. The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields – Also for 888 challenge and Book Awards
6. The Boy From Earth by Richard Scimger
7. There Will be Wolves by Karleen Bradford
8. Walking a Thin Line by Sylvia McNicoll
9. fake id by Hazel Edwards
10. Summer of Changes by Ann Alma
11. Smartopedia by Maple Tree Press
12. Wonder Kids by Charis Cotter
13. Swimming in the Monsoon Sea by Peter Robinson


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