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The Magic Locket is the story of a little girl who doesn’t do anything right. Her aunt gives her a locket and says it’s magic. The little girl wonders if it really is so she puts the locket on and is amazed that she does everything right! The little girl soon learns the real magic of the locket is herself!
The Silver Slippers is the story of a little girl who wanted to be a Prima Ballerina but she didn’t think she was good enough. She gets a gift of a necklace with silver slippers. She wears the necklace while she practices and lands the part! When her performance time comes she gets scared but the silver slippers remind her of what she really wants to do and she goes ahead and does a wonderful job.
The Good Luck Pony is the story of a little girl who liked to ride ponies but had a fright one day when the pony she was riding went out of control and ran about wildly. After that she was scared to get on a pony again. Then her mother gives her a necklace with a pony on it. She wears it and takes special lessons in handling a pony so she will know better how to handle the ponies. The necklace helps her with her confidence and soon she is riding even better and faster than before.

These three books were really beautiful and had great lessons. There are other similar books and I’m sure they are just as good.

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