Banned Books Week: Day 7

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Well it’s the last day of Banned Books Week. I hope at least one person enjoyed the information and links I’ve provided this week. I hope I’ve inspired you read a banned book too!

For today, I’ll feature what some authors and famous people have to say about book banning:

Censorship from Judy Blume
“There were few challenges to my books then, although I remember the night a woman phoned, asking if I had written Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. When I replied that I had, she called me a Communist and slammed down the phone. I never did figure out if she equated Communism with menstruation or religion, the two major concerns in 12 year old Margaret’s life. “

Authors Stand Up to Censorship
“Determined to ensure that all teenagers will be able to read the sorts of books that “saved” her, Mackler joined over a dozen other “challenged” authors on Michigan Ave. Saturday to celebrate the start of the American Library Association’s 26th annual rebuke to censorship, Banned Books Week.”

Chris Crutcher – Censorship
“We applaud those people, and teacher Cathy Adler. And we promise, if Calo turns her focus to the books of Chris Crutcher, he’ll be ready and able to meet her challenge. You will not be alone in your battle to protect your First Amendment rights. “

Censorship Quotes

Censorship Quotes from Quote Garden

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