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I had to lay four books to rest today. Four beautiful books who will no longer have someone to read them, cherish them, caress their pages. Four books who will never know my bookshelf, my bookmarks, my love.

Why did I have to lay them to rest? It’s a horrible story, not for the young, are you ready? Someone had defaced them, almost beyond recogniation. Pages were torn and missing, covers will colored and painted on, covers were hanging by a thread o r gone completely and illustrations were doodled on.

Why would someone do such a thing to an innocent book? What did the book ever do to them? All it ever wanted was to be read, cherished, and perhaps passed on to others to cherish. But no. Now these four books will never have the chance. They are *gasp* unreadable. So they have been laid to rest.

It is too late for these four books but you can help other books from meeting a similar, deadly fate. NEVER write in your books and more importantly, teach your children to NEVER write in books or tear pages. For someday, they will lost interest and the books can be passed on to someone else to love if they are in okay shape. Books understand that as they age they won’t be perfect. They know they may have yellowed pages or a slight rip in their cover. Perhaps a litle curling of the pages. That is to be expected. However, what happened to the four books is NOT expected and did NOT have to happen.

Let’s all remember the Four Books. May they rest in peace.

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