Did You Hear? – Book News 2

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*Note I moved this up more because I’ve added more articles*

Here’s the latest in Book News.

What is it with memoir fabricating lately? Last time we talked about Running With Scissors, and this time we have TWO stories about it!

The Truth About David Sedaris – are parts of his stories untrue?

Million Little Pieces Author Writing a Novel – this time he’s calling it fiction since he admitted his memoir was largely fabricated.

In other news

Sales Soar for Simpson’s If I Did It
With O.J. Simpson in jail on charges of robbery and other felonies, the best-selling book about his alleged murder confession is getting a second printing.

The Spooky Worlds of William Gibson
Like Dickens, Gibson is an author-magician in the world-creating business. He first gained renown for “Neuromancer” in which he coined the word “cyberspace,” later with “Mona Lisa Overdrive,” “All Tomorrow’s Parties” and “Pattern Recognition.” His latest is “Spook Country” (Putnam).

How Judging a Book by It’s Girlie Cover is Putting Boys Off Reading NEW
Attempts by parents and teachers to persuade boys to read more are being undermined by publishers whose insistence on using lurid “Barbie” pink covers on books is turning away young male readers in their droves.

Canada Plans National Forum on Literacy in Spring 2008 NEW
Canadian ministers of education celebrated the 40th anniversary of their intergovernmental organization this week in Victoria, British Columbia. To mark the occasion, the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC), announced an innovative forum on literacy to be held in spring 2008.

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