The Circle Within: Creating a Wiccan Spiritual Tradition by Dianne Sylvan

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Stars: ****

I read this book in March or April but never got around to reviewing it.

This book is meant to be for Wiccans who have already moved past the basics and want help incorporating their path into their daily lives. For those who want to “[be] really living and breathing your spirituality

The book is broken up into two sections. The first deals with ethics, philosophy and everyday life. The second section is a collection of prayers and devotionals to use everyday (at meals, at bed etc….)

The chapter headings (because I always feel this gives you information on the contents of the book) are as follows:

Stepping into the Circle (intro to personal spiritual practice)

In Search of a Mystery (our relationship with deity)
Living the Path (ethics and standards of behaviour)
The Temple Hearth (concepts of sacred space)
Building a Practice (elements of daily practice)
The Turning Wheel (wheel of year and elements)
The Dance of Life (creating personal rituals)

The book is written more like Ms. Sylvan is sitting right next to you explaining things which is good for some people but for me made it a little hard to follow. I actually read each chapter at least two times. I feel the book could have been written a little better but the actual subject matter was helpful.

Also at the end of each chapter are three questions to ponder on. These are good for group discussions or to think about personally. (Perhaps even write down in a journal.)

I do recommend it to those who know all the basics and want to ensure they are living Wiccan everyday but you may need to read it more than once.

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