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I found this one here.

20 Years Ago: (age 4)
I couldn’t read on my own yet but I’m sure my mom read to me. However I don’t remember much about age 4.

10 Years Ago: (age 14)
I read a lot at this age. Mostly Babysitters-Club books by Ann M. Martin and Goosebumps books by R.L. Stine.

5 Years Ago: (age 19)
I had just gotten into Alice Hoffman but was mostly reading non-fiction. Parenting books, dog care, Pagan books and memoirs.

3 Years ago: (age 21)
Reading more Alice Hoffman and just starting James Patterson. Still mostly reading non-fiction.

Last Year: (age 23)
Reading lots of Pagan and Parenting books mostly. Not reading as often as I used to since I had a baby.

This Month: (age 24)
Well now I have two babies but that hasn’t stopped me. I’ll post a list of books read this month at the end of September but mostly I’ve been reading books for challenges that I’ve signed up for.

3 Favorite Reading Locations:
Livingroom couch, my bed, front porch

3 Reading habits:
Eating chips while I read
Reading with TV on
Reading a few sentences at a time in between playing with daughters.

3 Things that distract me:

3 Characters I’d love to be:
Girl from Gift of Magic by Lois Duncan. She is very magical.
Stephanie Plum from One for the Money by Janet Evanovich, cool job

3 Characters I despise:
I have no idea, don’t read much fiction.

3 Favorite Book Beverages:
Iced-cappuchino from Tim Hortons

3 Favorite bookmarks:
I use anything but prefer storebought bookmarks. 10 Years ago or so I used a lot of elastics.

3 Dead Writers I’d love to meet:
Scott Cunningham, ?????

3 Alive Writers I’d love to meet:
Alice Hoffman! Also Lois Lowry and Lois Duncan

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