Aquamarine by Alice Hoffman

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Stars: ***

I read this book for the Book to Movie challenge, Fall Into Reading 2007 and because Alice Hoffman is my favourite author!

It’s one of Alice Hoffman’s books for young adults but I didn’t expect it to be so short. I’d read Green Angel which is another of her young adult books but it was still almost an inch thick. This one was barely 1/4 inch thick. It took me 23 minutes to read.

It’s the story of a mermaid named Aquamarine that gets thrown into a pool in the middle of a city thanks to a storm. The pool (and surrounding area) are being torn down at the end of the week but Aquamarine refused to go unless she can meet the guy who runs the place. What can the two girls who discovered her do to help?

It’s like a spin-off on The Little Mermaid in that the mermaid falls in love with a human man but the rest of the story is different. It was a cute story that I’m sure girls ages 10-14 would love.

The movie version is also called Aquamarine but I have not seen it so I can’t compare it. If I do get a chance to see it I’ll update about it here.

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