Magic House by Teresa Moorey

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Stars: ****

The full title of this book is Magic House: Practical Magic for a Harmonious Home.

This is a beautiful book for those wanting to make their home more Pagan Like and also for those who want to feel more confortable in their homes. Teresa shows you how colour and scent can make or break a room. She also includes simple spells for various things such as:
Home Protection, Keeping Away Unwanted Callers, Safeguard Your Keys, Making Money, Sweet Dreams, Fertility, Fairy Blessing, House Hunting and more. Most of the spells have easy to find ingredients, there were a few that were more complex but most are simple.

In the first section, Teresa shows us how to CLEAN and CLEANSE our houses and what items we may need in our Magical Toolkit to make and keep our home harmonious.

In the second section, information is separated by rooms (Hallway, Bedroom, Kitchen etc..) and includes little things to do to spruce up your home and create the ambience you want.

In the third section, information is separated by the seasons. Spells, Ideas and Information are laid out for each holiday season.

In the fourth and final section, there is information and spells for moving house including selling your house, finding a new house, the actual move and settling in.

To top it all off, there are many colourful photographs, often full page that give you ideas and/or something to strive for. This book just wouldn’t be as good without these photos.

I highly recommend this book for the witch who wants to make her home magical.

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