From Rags to Riches: A History of Girls’ Clothing in America by Leslie Sills

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Stars: ****

An interesting look at Girls clothing from 1600 – 2000. Each time period is in a chapter titled by one of the main fashions of the time. Eg. Aprons and Calico, Hoopskirts and Crinonlines and Flappers and Rompers.

Each section has text that is accompanied by pictures and photographs showing the style that is talked about. Each picture/photo has a footnote explaining what it’s showing. The style of the book makes it fun to look at, with patterned paper, photos that look mounted and titles in seperate blocks, each page looks like a scrapbook.

I only had two dislikes. One that the styles were described well enough and two that the 60’s to Now are all placed together in one chapter under Anything Goes which makes it seem like the fashions of these decades were very similar.

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