One Thing at a Time by Cindy Glovinsky

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Stars: ****1/2

I haven’t read her first book but I have read lots of clutter and cleaning books and this is definitely one of the best. It’s written with each idea as a paragraph so it’s easy to read and stay focused. She doesn’t suggest trying all ideas at once but to pick the one or ones that you need to instill the most and to go from there. She has great ideas I haven’t seen in other similar books. Also, whereas most books focus on how to de-clutter your life, this book focuses on how to keep your life clutter-free. If you truly follow these suggestions, there wouldn’t be a need for spring cleaning because your house would always be pretty clean and organized. It has suggestions that cover all the common problems with decluttering including when you look at a large room or large mess and think you could never get it clean and you don’t even know where to begin.

Definitely a must-read for the person wanting to declutter their life and keep it that way.

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