The Breastfeeding Book by William and Martha Sears

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Stars: ****

This is a very good breastfeeding manual with illustrations and stories from parents to help anyone who is breastfeeding or considering it. Sections include:
Why breast is best, how to breastfeed, healthy breastfeeding (nutrition, medications, problems), breastfeeding in today’s world (products, breastfeeding while working, nighttime feeding, father’s role) and special situations (breastfeeding when baby or mother has special needs, funny and not so funny things that happen during breastfeeding, toddler nursing and weaning.)

This book was very helpful and is one I would like to own so I can refer to it again after my next child. There were a few instances where I thought they were to being to harsh on those who chose to bottlefeed though and that’s why it doesn’t have 5 stars.

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