Every Person’s Guide to Judaism by Stephen Einstein

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Stars: ****

This book truly is Every Person’s Guide to Judaism. It was well thought out, easy to understand and set out nicely too. The text was just the right size and was seperated just well enough to make it easy to read. If you had a particular question in mind, you could easily skip to that section but you can just as easily read it from front to back, which is what I did.

This book is a must for anyone interested in the basics of Judaism from it’s major holidays, to what the Torah and Midrash are, to Judaic views on Adoption, Birth Control, Abortion and other ideas. It talks about the Mezuzah, Jewish Dietary Laws, Traditions, Rituals, Converting, Zionism, The Holocaust and the different Modern movements. (Orthodox, Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist. With a through glossary and all words that are in the glossary in italics through out the text, this is a worthwhile book to read or even purchase.

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