Lesbian and Gay Marriages by Suzanne Sherman

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Stars: ****

I got this book because I am interested in society and how differences in humans make differences in society. I am straight myself but and I enjoyed reading these stories. I didn’t know that there were Lesbians and Gays who do NOT want marriage legalized for gays. I learned a lot about the institution of marriage as well. The book covers couples from all over the United States, of all ages and combinations, and all religious backgrounds. There are stories of couples who had a union ceremony and their parents did not show up. There are stories of the parents and extended family coming and being very supportive. There are small private ceremonies and large elaborate ones. Those who did not have a public ceremony talk about why they don’t believe they need one and what they have done to show each other they care. There are pictures of each couple which makes the stories more personal and I enjoyed them more because of it. There are couples who have been together a year and some who have been together for over 20. Some were married in a church or other religious building and some where not. It’s a very diverse book.
At the end there is an interview with a few different Reverands and Fathers, a Rabbi and a Wiccan High Priestess. Also in the first chapter before the stories, two different viewpoints are shown:
Why Gay People Should Seek the Right to Marry and
Since When is Marriage a Path to Liberation?

Another recommended book to Lesbians, Gays and anyone interested in the institution of Marriage, homosexual rights and learning new things.

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