Seventh Heaven by Alice Hoffman

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Stars: ****

This is the fourth book I’ve read by Alice Hoffman. I have also read ‘At Risk’, ‘Turtle Moon’ and ‘Second Nature.’ If you haven’t read Alice Hoffman before, I highly recommened you start with this one. She tends to write about slightly odd things. Seventh Heaven (and I have no idea why it’s called that,) is a story of a small community where every house is the same and everyone is married with children and everybody is happy (or at least pretends to be) and everything is perfect. Then Nora Silk and her two boys move in. Nora is divorced and is raising her children by herself. In all the other families, the man works and the woman stays home but because Nora is on her own, she works.

Nora is treated harshly because she’s different. Her kids aren’t always spotless and they don’t get the most nutritious meal but she does the best she can. As time goes on, things change in the community, everything is a little off.

Seventh Heaven has some adult material and so I wouldn’t recommended it for young teenagers or kids. It has sex and one instance of murder in it.

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