Celtic Magic by D.J. Conway

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Stars: ***

A lot of people don’t like Conway and say that her Celtic, Norse and Egyptian Magic books are practically the same. I have never read the other two. In fact, this is the only book I have read from Conway. I found this book helpful. I am however wary of the fact that one person could be knowledgeable enough to write about Celtic, Norse and Egyptian Magic.

Nevertheless, I personally do not follow the Celtic path but most of the information in this book pertains to anyone doing magic. A lot of people give negative reviews to this book. However, I liked it and found it useful. This book is good for a beginner. Included information on: Celtic Magic, Preparing for Magic, Magical elements, Casting a Magic circle, Tools of Magic, Sabbats, Celtic History and Deities. It also has a section on Spellwork: Herb Magic, Cauldron Magic, Stone Magic, Candle Magic and a few other things. This books rituals and circles are geared more to a coven than a Solitaire.

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