Children’s Clothing of the 1800’s by David Schimpky and Bobbie Kalman

Part of the Historic Communities Series. Stars: **** A great introduction to what children wore back then. Both funny to think of and scary when you realize how the children’s lives must have been. Real colour photographs and drawings/paintings show the styles and the text is larger print and easier to follow. Good for ages… Read More »

Clothes for Work, Play and Display by Jacqueline Morley

Part of the Timelines books.Created and Designed by David Salariya Stars: *** This is written and illustrated by the same people as the Panorama Fashion book. I rated them both as 3 stars but the Panorama one is better. It’s along the same line. These chapters are First Clothes, Classical World, The Dark Ages, Armor… Read More »

A History of Fashion from Loincloths to Lycra by Jacqueline Morley

Part of the Panorama Series.Created and Designed by David SalariyaA MacDonald Young Book. Stars: *** The book is divided into the following sections: Ancient Times, Byzantium and the Dark Ages, The Middle Ages, The End of the Middle Ages, The 16th Century, the 17th Century, the 18th Century, Revolution: 1789 to 1815, The Early 19th… Read More »

20th Century Fashion by John Peacock

Preface by Christian LaCroix Stars: **** If you want to see colour drawings of fashions from the 20th century, this is the book. Unlike other books, the years aren’t separated into large portions like the 1920’s or 1950’s. It is separated into much smaller sections like 1900-1903 and 1955-1959. Also it’s not just day wear… Read More »

What’s Your Style: Fearless Fashion by Alison Bell

Stars: **** This book is aimed for teens who may or may not already have a style that is their own. It’s for those looking for their ideal style and those wantint to know a bit more about their chosen style. At the beginning of the book is a style quiz to help you decide… Read More »

From Rags to Riches: A History of Girls’ Clothing in America by Leslie Sills

Stars: **** An interesting look at Girls clothing from 1600 – 2000. Each time period is in a chapter titled by one of the main fashions of the time. Eg. Aprons and Calico, Hoopskirts and Crinonlines and Flappers and Rompers. Each section has text that is accompanied by pictures and photographs showing the style that… Read More »

From Head to Toe by Janice Weaver

The full title is:From Head to Toe: Bound Feet, Bathing Suits, and other Bizarre and Beautiful Things. Illustrations by Franis Blake Stars: **** Ever wondered about the history of fashion but didn’t want to read a long, boring books on every detail? This book goes over the extremely hilarious and interesting fashions of the world.… Read More »