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Updated as of October 2021


If you have a question or comment about books or my site, I’d love it if you’d contact me.

Please note I review NONFICTION only. I also do NOT review ebooks. I receive many pitches a day and as such do not have time to respond to requests for fiction or ebooks.

You can get a feel for the type of book I am interested in by looking at the categories of my blog.

Good bets are: juvenile and adult nonfiction, psychology, parenting, pets, memoirs, mental health (especially Bipolar), religion (MOSTLY Christian but occasionally others), mathematics, language and cookbooks. I DO accept books on adult topics.

I am NOT INTERESTED in general spirituality or travel memoirs.

When you contact me please include the following:

  • Title, Author and Description
  • Book cover image or link to Amazon or a website that shows it to me.
  • Page count and publisher
  • If you are looking for a review at a certain time.

Please also note that I usually take a while to review books as I have a backlog of review books sitting in my TBR pile. So if you need a review right away I probably can’t accommodate that.

(If you are pitching a product or service that is not book related, please pitch me through Callista’s Ramblings instead)


You can contact me at