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Kathleen Garber of SMS Nonfiction Book ReviewsHello There!

My name is Kathleen and I’m in my late 30s. I’m Canadian, eh?

This blog celebrated 15 years in 2018!

I love reading and blogging but my love has always been nonfiction. I started this blog back in 2003 but only posted occasionally, when I wanted to review a book. I posted more regularly in 2007 but then started taking small hiatuses again when I was working more on my other blogs.

I revamped what was called SMS Book Reviews to be a nonfiction only blog, as opposed to nonfiction and children’s books as it was prior to April 2012.  All my fiction reviews can still be found on the blog but from here on out, it will be nonfiction only. I made the switch to self hosting in April 2013.

I’m a mom to five children, a previous Girl Guide Leader but now a SAHM.

To find out more about what I like in a book, check out Top 10 Signs a Book is by Me. You can find out lots about my thoughts on books at the Library Meme and Book Quiz.

I also blog at Callista’s Ramblings, Great Gaming Blog and occasionally Never Going Back Now

So what is all this SMS business? Well my webpage (not blog) was called Sun, Moon and Stars, hence the SMS. I’ve just always liked those three celestial bodies!