What’s Your Style: Fearless Fashion by Alison Bell

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Stars: ****

This book is aimed for teens who may or may not already have a style that is their own. It’s for those looking for their ideal style and those wantint to know a bit more about their chosen style.

At the beginning of the book is a style quiz to help you decide what your style is.
Chapter 2 covers very basic fashion info from the Stone Age to now. Each era is a small paragraph. Chapters 3 through 9 are each on a different fashion style common with teens. These include: Preppy Chic, Punk Rock, Goth Glamour, Hipster Cool, Skater Style, Boho Grace and Fly-girl Flair.

Each one has a drawing of a girl in the fashion with a listing of items common to the look. (Eg. for Preppy Chic – button-down shirts, tweed jackets, khakis, pearls, loafers and more.) Following that is a short list of celebrities (ones that teens would know of) who wear that style. One or two photos are shown. Following that is the background of the style, how to make it your own and fashion maintenance. (For example Preppy Chic has Caring For Your Sweaters.) On each page is also a small box of relevant info like how that syle has changed over time, what someone who wears that style thinks etc…

Chapter 10 is called Wash and Wear and has tips on things like acne, bras, cellulite, eating disorders, makeup, stain removal and zippers.

This is a great book that any fashion conscious teen would like.

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