The Obligatory Harry Potter Post

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I wasn’t planning on mentioned HP ANYWHERE In my blog. It seems that if you have a book blog, you MUST talk about HP. It’s not that I don’t like HP. I do, I love it. However what could I really say about the book that hasn’t already been said in the millions of reviews of it all over the place?

I’ve been watching the movies since they came out and just saw the most recent one. However I had never gotten around to reading the books because I was always busy taking books out of the library. So I’ve finally gotten round to reading them. Just finished book 4 today.

So far I’m liking the books but I prefer the movies more which is strange for me. Usually I prefer the books no matter whether I saw the movie first or read the book first. I know they can’t fit the entire book into the movie, especially with the later books (which are huge) but I think they did leave some stuff out they shouldn’t have. I’m not going to specify, I don’t like spoilers. Also I understand that if they have to take something out of the movie, they may have to change how things are done a little (like make a different person do something since the person who really did it isn’t in the movie.) However I think they make too many changes, especially in book 4.

I’m taking a small HP break to read a few library books but then I’ll move onto book 5. Then 6, then by then, hubby should be done 7 and I can read it.

Anyways, just wanted to mention those few things, moving on….

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