Guest Post: For The Love of Books

*This is a guest post by Melanie Milburn. One of my favorite things to do is read to children. Books are a wonderful way to introduce children to new things. Books can spark a child’s imagination, they help children develop language, and expand their vocabularies. When choosing stories for young children remember that shorter is… Read More »

Guest Post: Editing The Classics: Is it Ethical?

Note from Callista: I do not claim to agree or disagree with the following guest post. I am offering it to spark conversation among my readers. Thanks to Rachel for the guest post and My Blog Guest for putting us together. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Political correctness has permeated and dictated personal and professional interaction for too few… Read More »

What I Do With The Books I Receive for Review When I’m Done

I do various things with the books I receive: A select few I keep. Some are passed on to friends and family. Some are donated to the Public Library. Some are brought into my local playgroup for other parents to pick through. And some are donated to my children’s school library. I don’t have the… Read More »

Choosing Literature for Children

How do you choose books for your children?  A friend of mine has a book about 1000 books to enjoy with your children (It’s called 1001 Children’s Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up, edited by Julia Eccleshare and Quentin Blake.) So they choose books out of that. Some go with blog recommendations, some… Read More »

Book Covers

This post is inspired by Caroline Bookbinder. Caroline, who has worked in many parts of the book industry, posted about links and tidbits she had collected about jacket designs. I found many of them interesting and wanted to make sure others found their way to those links. One link mentioned is the blog She Reads… Read More »

Clean Away the Clutter: Day 4 Update + activity

Well it’s day 4 and I’ve just barely been keeping close to my goal of 2 hours a day. Yesterday I managed 2hr 15 minutes. Today I’m not doing much better so far. I’ll be out most of the day though and then Survivor is on tonight so we’ll see. Also my jaw is currently… Read More »

Clean the Clutter Read-a-thon Mini Challenge #1

As part of the Clutter read-a-thon there are some mini-challenges. The first one is to admit I have a problem with books by posting photos (or describing) my shelves. At first I thought I was actually pretty organized as I have bookshelves with books organized on them. NOTE: My camera sucks, sorry. Exhibit A: But… Read More »