Barnes and Noble Ratings and YA (Young Adult)

By now you may or may not have seen a blog post at Meg Cabot’s blog about Barnes and Noble’s new rating system. Go over there for the full post but the very basics of it is that Barnes and Noble, in conjunction with Common Sense Media designed a rating system so that books for… Read More »

Let’s Discuss Nonfiction

Note: I’m looking for feedback. Please consider commenting about your thoughts on nonfiction as well as your thoughts on my post in general. Thanks. When you think nonfiction, what sorts of books come to mind? Textbooks? How-To Manuals? Essays? Scientific Papers? Biographies? There are many different kinds of nonfiction books out there, on any subject.… Read More »

2010 Goal – Read More YA Fiction

My blog is supposed to focus on picture books, middle grade fiction, ya fiction, children’s nonfiction, teen nonfiction and adult nonfiction but lately I’ve been reading very little in the way of YA fiction. I see others talking about these great books that I keep meaning to read. How can I call myself a reviewer… Read More »

Amazon celebrates 10th anniversary of Amazon Wish List customers will be wishing big this fall as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the much-loved Amazon Wish List with 10 lavish sweepstakes. Each week, starting this week, customers will have a chance to enter one of the themed Wish List sweepstakes. Just create, add to, or share a Wish List, and you’ll be… Read More »

I’m Reading…

I’m off at 5am to visit my brother by train. It’s approximately a 3 1/2 hr ride so I hope to get a bunch of reading done. I’ve packed the following books: The Story Sisters by Alice Hoffman The Man’s Book by Thomas Fink Dump ‘Em by Jodyne L. Speyer The Chosen One by Carol… Read More »

Do you walk read?

RobAroundBooks is chatting about reading while you walk. Below is the part of my answer that has to do with walk reading specifically. But head on over there to see the rest of the conversation and add your input! “You know with all the questions going around about book habits I never thought of that… Read More »

8 Tips for Reading More When You Have Young Children

1. Read during meals. My kids are too young to have much of a conversation so I read during meals. (Once your kids are 3 though you should be focusing more on them) 2. Read in the bathroom. Even if you are just peeing, you can still get in a paragraph. This is easier with… Read More »