Backyard Bugs

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A book review of Backyard Bugs: A Shine-a-Light Book by Carron Brown & Wesley Robins

A book review of Backyard Bugs: A Shine-a-Light Book by Carron Brown & Wesley Robins

Stars: ****

Kane Miller Publishing (2023)
Children’s Nonfiction>Picture Book
36 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Summary: From a humble earthworm wriggling in the soil, to a spider spinning its strong, sticky web, to an enchanting moth taking flight in the moonlight, this book explores the much beloved non-fiction subject of bugs! Readers will meet a cast of familiar creepy crawlies as well as learn about bug habitats, bodies, diets, and behaviors. Backyard Bugs is a gentle introduction to a fascinating world that readers can go on to explore in their own yards and neighborhoods after reading the book. The educational, bite-sized facts and fun shine-through mechanism work together to create an adventure on every page.

Backyard Bugs

This book is part of the Shine a Light series and it’s absolutely darling. Even kids who can’t read yet can join in on the fun by shining a flashlight through the pages or holding the book up to the light to reveal secrets.

In the images below you can see on the left is the page as regularly seen. On the right is the same page while shining a flashlight on the back of it. You can see the answer to the question posed. When you flip over the page you get more information on where the ants are going.

The book is fun but it also is nonfiction as it teaches about bugs in their natural environment. These books are designed for ages 4-8 but I’m sure my 10 year old will have fun with this title too, especially since I did as well!

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