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A book review of Adaptive Prepping: How to Advance Your Prepping Regardless of Money, Time, Space, Energy, or Experience Constraints (Are You Prepared, Mama?) by Karen Morris

A book review of Adaptive Prepping: How to Advance Your Prepping Regardless of Money, Time, Space, Energy, or Experience Constraints (Are You Prepared, Mama?) by Karen Morris

Stars: *****

Karen S. Morris (2024)
Emergency Preparedness
188 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: Embark on a transformative journey towards preparedness mastery with “Adaptive Prepping.” We all aspire to fortify our lives, acquire new skills, optimize our resources, and achieve self-reliance. Yet, it often feels like an uphill battle, hindered by time constraints, financial hurdles, energy depletion, and the persistent challenge of expanding our knowledge.

Are you yearning for more free time but trapped by obligations? Struggling to navigate financial constraints while striving to build a resilient future? Is space a luxury you can’t afford, whether for cultivating sustenance or storing provisions? Does your energy ebb, impeding progress on vital projects? Do you thirst for new knowledge, but are uncertain where to begin?

Within these pages, discover a three-fold blueprint for liberation – Add, Remove, and Adapt. As you implement these dynamic strategies, watch your limitations crumble and your capabilities flourish. Navigate each facet of your life with precision, guided by step-by-step instructions that illuminate the path to empowerment, including:

● A comprehensive method to assess your preparedness endeavors, ensuring a strategic and effective approach.

● A streamlined process for deconstructing any preparedness endeavor, accelerating your learning curve and information assimilation.

● Empower your financial landscape with two cost-free economic tools, injecting vitality into your preparedness pursuits.

● Temporal alchemy principles that nearly double your effective hours, enabling remarkable productivity gains.

“Adaptive Prepping” stands as your steadfast guide to newfound liberation and unprecedented accomplishments. Reclaim your agency, embrace transformation, and emerge as the masterful prepper you were always destined to be.

Adaptive Prepping

My husband and I have been interested in prepping lately because of the craziness of the world and our growing up as Guides and Scouts with the motto of Be Prepared. We have been finding certain things were making it harder to prep including not knowing where to start but also financial, physical and space constraints.

That’s what this book is all about. How to adapt prepping to your needs. Whether you have money, time, space, physical ability, energy or experience constraints or all of them, this book will help.

Identifying Limitations

First you will learn about the possible limitations to prepping and how to figure out which ones apply to you. The Principles of Limitations was very helpful and eye opening in general, not just about prepping. These five principles teach us that limitations are just that, limitations but not stoppers. Having financial issues or physical disabilities for example, don’t mean you can’t prep. It just means you need to adapt in the way you CAN prep. Hence the title of the book – Adaptive Prepping.

Action Items

The end of each chapter has Action Items which is helpful. Many self help books talk a good game but then you don’t know what exactly you should be doing sometimes. If you don’t DO anything, what good is the self-help book. By including action items at the end of the chapter, it serves as a recap and actionable list you can copy into your planner or notepad to get started on.

Not Just About Prepping

I briefly mentioned above but this book has great tips for not letting limitations limit you too much, for anything. I don’t really think you need to be interested in prepping to read this book honestly. Of course a lot of it IS about prepping but I got advice about other areas of my life as well. Like what? Well such as how to not let stress affect me so much, how to make space in my home for what’s important to me, how to prepare for physical limitations I’m aware will get worse and how to get work done.

Highly Recommended

I recommend all books I give 5 stars too but I wanted to give extra mention to this book. I love it so much I want to read all her other books. Highly Recommended.

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