Caring for Pets

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A book review of Caring for Pets: A Shine-A-Light My World Book by Carron Brown and Vanya Liang.

A book review of Caring for Pets: A Shine-A-Light My World Book by Carron Brown and Vanya Liang.

Stars: ****

Kane Miller Publishing (2023)
Children’s Nonfiction Picture Book
36 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Summary: The books in this new strand of the Shine-a-Light series are focused on helping readers navigate their physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being. The much-loved Shine-a-Light format, which gives readers the magic of being able to “see through” the page simply by using a flashlight, puts an engaging new spin on core themes that are important in the lives of young children.

Caring for Pets reveals the joys of responsible pet ownership. Along the way, readers will learn about adopting an animal, caring for it, and keeping it happy and healthy. The book explores a wide range of pets, from hamsters, dogs, and cats, to birds, and more.

Caring for Pets

These cute books for ages 3-6 allow your child to learn a skill while having fun with a flashlight. Grab a kid sized flashlight or hand them your phone flashlight and sit with them to read. As you turn the pages and read, your child (or you) shine the flashlight behind the page to reveal what lies underneath.

How does it work? Behind each page is a black page with a white image. When you shine the light on that, the white image shows through the page in the correct spot. So you reveal a hamster in it’s wheel or a dog in it’s dog bed.

This book in the series is all about caring for pets. Your child will learn about being gentle with pets, feeding pets, cleaning up their poop, giving them exercise and more. It’s a fun interactive book.

You can purchase this book at Paper Pie or see the other books in the series.

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