The Four-Hour School Day

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A book review of The Four-Hour School Day: How You and Your Kids Can Thrive in the Homeschool Life by Durenda Wilson

A book review of The Four-Hour School Day: How You and Your Kids Can Thrive in the Homeschool Life by Durenda Wilson

Stars: ****

Zondervan (2021)
Christian Nonfiction>Homeschooling
224 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: Giving your child a quality education experience for a life of happiness and purpose is possible–and it only takes four hours a day or less! 

We want our kids to have the best education, but less-than-ideal school environments and concern about our kids’ specific needs have parents uncertain about traditional schooling. Trusted homeschool expert with 25 years of experience homeschooling her own eight children, Durenda Wilson offers a better way and promises that you already have what it takes to give your child a healthy, successful future. 

In The Four-Hour School Day, she unpacks the lifelong advantages of home education, both for the health of your family and your child’s future. With inspiring stories about parents just like you, she demystifies homeschooling and addresses common fears like, what if I’m not qualified, how can I homeschool as a single parent, and what if I don’t have enough time? Packed with encouragement and practical advice, this resource equips you with all the information you need to create a sustainable homeschooling plan customized to your child’s needs. 

Wilson will help you to: Work with your child’s interests and passions for an enjoyable learning experience, Cultivate independent learning in your child so you have more time and your child develops more curiosity, Navigate the different schooling stages your child will go through and Find an engaged community so that you can start this adventure with all the support you need. 

Explore the rich and wonderful world of homeschooling because it’s not only more doable than you think, but far more beneficial than you can imagine.

The Four-Hour School Day

I had heard good things about this book and wanted to see for myself. My overall thoughts are that it’s a great homeschooling book for the Christian mama but isn’t quite what I was expecting.

So what was I expecting? I was expecting a instructional book on how to have a four-hour school day but this is more of an motivational text for Christian homeschoolers who are looking for an unhurried or relaxed way of schooling. The author has another book though titled The Unhurried Homeschooler. I haven’t read it but I’d assume it’s about a relaxed homeschool style as well.

Although it’s not quite what I expected, it was a good read and I recommend it to all Christian homeschoolers. I homeschool secularly but I am Christian myself so I still benefited from it.

Although the book is separated into chapters, they aren’t clearly about different things for the most part. The author circles around to the various topics in different ways through out most of the chapters. Starting at Chapter 9 you will find four chapters devoted to different age groups. I found this section especially helpful as I was getting targeted advice.

Just like most Christian nonfiction, at the end of each chapter are questions to help you think about the chapter and apply it to real life.

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