How to Be a Person

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A book review of How To Be a Person: 65 Hugely Useful, Super-Important Skills to Learn Before You’re Grown Up by Catherine Newman

A book review of How To Be a Person: 65 Hugely Useful, Super-Important Skills to Learn Before You're Grown Up by Catherine Newman

Stars: *****

Storey Publishing (2020)
Children’s Nonfiction
160 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Summary: For the kid who leaves a wet towel wadded up on the floor or forgets to put a new roll on the toilet-paper thingy, witty parenting writer and etiquette columnist Catherine Newman has created the ultimate guidebook of essential life skills for kids. Jam-packed with tips, tricks, and advice — all illustrated in an irresistible graphic novel–style — How to Be a Person shows kids just how easy it is to free themselves from parental nagging and become more dependable — and they’ll like themselves better, too!

They’ll learn how to do chores like loading the dishwasher and making a bed, brush up on communication skills like making a phone call and apologizing, and master 61 other super-helpful skills including how to stick up for somebody, fold a T-shirt, and turn a 33-cent package of ramen into dinner. Improve work-life balance for the whole family with this kids’ guide to growing up.

How To Be a Person

This is an awesome book for the kid who needs help with basic life skills such as making a bed, cleaning the bathroom, mailing a letter and more. Designed for kids ages 9-12 this book is perfect for my two youngest who happen to be 9 and 12.

We will be incorporating this book into our homeschool by reading one every week and practicing it.

The book has illustrations and is in full colour which makes it fun to read. It’s simple and goes step by step on how to do things. Their is humour in the book as well especially when showing the wrong way to do certain things like addressing an envelope or filling out a form.

Sections included are dealing with others, how to say what you need to or want to, how to care for your home, making food, caring for clothes, money and other useful skills. There are a few pop quizzes to test your knowledge and some fun facts throughout. GREAT resource.

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