Watching for Dragonflies

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A book review of Watching for Dragonflies: a Caregiver’s Transformative Journey by Suzanne Marriott

A book review of Watching for Dragonflies: a Caregiver's Transformative Journey by Suzanne Marriott

Stars: ****

She Writes Press (2023)
320 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: There are 53 million family caregivers in the United Sates, and many feel isolated and overwhelmed. In Watching for Dragonflies, Suzanne reaches out to other caregivers, inviting them to explore the many avenues of growth available to those walking the path of caregiving.

Suzanne’s story begins with a phone call from her husband, Michael, telling her he has collapsed on the job. They soon learn he has multiple sclerosis. Despite the negative patterns threatening their marriage, she is determined to handle the caregiving tasks suddenly thrust upon her. Through love, psychological insights, and spiritual inquiry, she cultivates her abilities—and gains the courage to confront a medical system that often saves her husband but at other times threatens his life. As time progresses, Michael undergoes many hospitalizations; he also makes miraculous recoveries that allow adventure back into their lives, including a numinous experience with dragonflies. When Suzanne faces her own medical crisis, their world is shaken once again—but throughout it all, love is their bond, one even death cannot sever.

Often poignant, at times funny, and always riveting, Watching for Dragonflies will serve as comfort—and inspiration—for other caregivers struggling to care for a loved one.

Watching for Dragonflies

This is a well written, moving memoir about a man who has MS and his wife who is his caregiver but also goes through her own hardships. It’s a story of love and caregiving even when it’s beyond tough.

The story is gripping and a few times I was amazed at how strong they both were. I couldn’t put it down but it didn’t surprise me because the publisher She Writes Press has amazing memoirs.

I recommend this memoir for anyone who is caregiving for someone with MS but probably not for someone who was just diagnosed as the book could be upsetting or scary.

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