Maybe You Should Give Up

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A book review of Maybe You Should Give Up: 7 Ways To Get Out of Your Own Way and Take Control of Your Life by Byron Morrison

A book review of Maybe You Should Give Up: 7 Ways To Get Out of Your Own Way and Take Control of Your Life by Byron Morrison

Stars: *****

Morgan James Publishing (2023)
Self Help
193 pages

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The counter-intuitive guide to get out of your own way, stop sabotaging yourself and take control of your life. Byron Morrison knows exactly how frustrating it can be to feel like you’re your own worst enemy. For years he’d sabotage everything from his health to his relationships and his professional success. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to change, if anything, he knew exactly what he needed to do to create the life he wanted. Yet he’d get stuck in a never-ending cycle of making some progress, only to then lose motivation, fall off track or do something that would undo all his hard work.

Eventually, he had enough, and he committed to figuring out what was actually going on. In doing so, he discovered that the biggest barrier in the way of his success…was himself. It was the sabotaging voice that caused him to overthink and doubt himself. All his thoughts and fears that kept him trapped in his own head. His patterns and behaviors that kept him stuck.

Tired of taking one step forward and two steps back, he realized he needed to do something different. So, he gave up. Not on his goals and dreams, but he gave up being controlled by fear. He gave up living in the past. He gave up comparing himself to others. He gave up on being so hard on himself. And he gave up putting off his happiness.  And it worked. He was able to finally take his career to the next level, open himself up to more connected relationships, get into the best shape of his life and find happiness in himself.

Along the way, through extensive research and working with people in 15 countries, he discovered that there are seven mental barriers that all of us struggle with. It is these mental barriers that keep us stuck and stop us from taking the actions we know we need to take to create the life we want. 

‘Maybe You Should Give Up’ is going to help you identify and break through those seven mental barriers. You’ll discover cycle-breaking techniques that have been broken down into easy-to-follow steps that will empower you to get out of your own way and stop sabotaging yourself.

Maybe You Should Give Up is a book about empowerment. About helping you break through everything that is standing in the way of the life that you want.

Maybe You Should Give Up

If the title of this book didn’t make you interested in it, I’m very surprised. It’s not what you think (unless you read the summary of course.) In this book the author teaches us how to get out of our own way. Maybe You Should Give Up Being Reactive or Maybe You Should Give Up Letting Fear Control You. Those are two of the seven chapter headings.

The book is short and won’t take up too much of your time to read which is good. Self help books that are too long are not helpful. Our time is precious. Byron gets right to the point and gives it to you straight.

“What’s the point of doing all this work and taking all this action in the first place if you’re just going to torpedo it as soon as you start making progress?” – pg 52

pg 52 Maybe You Should Give Up Byron Morrison

After learning everything you should give up there is a video series you can watch on a computer or mobile device and a community you can join to discuss the book and advice. I like that the author doesn’t just leave you hanging but supports you working on yourself. If you really want more help you can also find out more about his Breakthrough course.

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